Hushed secret

With a strained sigh I dropped the bags, it hit the floor with a heavy thud alerting me to quickly check the eggs. I twitched, irritated, I wasn’t in a good mood and distracted by josh, my shit head of a boyfriend; I contemplated leaving his whiny ass, but then again there wasn’t much luck on the market, the pubs were just filled with endless smug playboys. Honestly I wouldn’t mind if the sex was good, but alas it wasn’t.

“Kyle?” I called, vaguely aware of how high pitched I sounded. I couldn’t help it, Kyle was hot as fuck; apart from his exotic face he was blessed with ocean eyes that crinkled when he made his stupid remarks, he loved swimming, and damn did he have the body to prove it.

I walked down the hall to his room, “Kyle?” I was growing impatient; he had invited me over to hang out since my boy friend who also happened to be Kyle’s best friend had gone out of town. I will admit, I’m quite stubborn and demanding when I’m pissed so instead of knocking, I barged into his room “Kyl-” eeeeeeekk.

I yelped and stumbled backward, he had his shorts by his side and his dick in his hand. I stood there mouth parted, frozen.. he looked at me and cocked an eyebrow, silence filtered the room for a few heartbeats before he asked “do you mind?”.

I stared at him, he was a hot mess And sent shivers running down my spine. My cheeks flushed as I bit my lip, looking down at the floor.

He chuckled, grabbed his shorts and shoved them on before making his way to me. “Shit sorry about that, lost track of time”. I kept staring at the floor speechless, my pussy ached and I fucking wanted him, I had a crush on this guy since preschool and here I was standing in his room with only my dignity holding me back.

“What? You want some?”, he must have sensed my horniness when he asked. I snorted in reply, “yeah right” bringing my head up to pierce him with my eyes (they had the ability to do that and I lovedddd the effect). He clenched his jaw for a second as his gaze wondered, he then murmured Almost to himself “well I wouldn’t mind”.

Without thinking, and driven by my thirst I grabbed his shirt and shoved him against the wall, despite his strength and height, he let me. “Fuck you” I muttered before leaning in to his chest to kiss his jaw.

He took in one short breath before my lips met the crook of his neck.

Before I knew what was happening, he grabbed my waist roughly, signaling for me to wrap my slender legs around his back. pushing my thighs into his dick which was growing harder under my soaked thong. I wrapped my arms around his neck, making an effort to push my tits against him, before tilting my head to moan into his ear.

Sending him over the edge, he flung me on his bed. Winded, I tried to readjust but he swiftly knelt down and grabbed my wrists pinning me down. Positioning himself between me, he put one knee on my left before taking the other and bringing it down between my thighs. I arched my back, and moaned restlessly “no teasing, just fuck me”.

Surprised, he didn’t hesitate. He just hastily took off his shorts before ripping my skirt and pants off. I just barely caught a glimpse of his member before my eyes widened, he was bigger than all of the guys I had been with. I started to reconsider taking it slow but my thoughts were interrupted when he rammed into me.

I cried out in pain and ecstasy, his face grew concerned, but I i mustered my last breaths to say “no, don’t stop”. With my consent he grabbed the headboard to mumble “than get ready”, before he began pumping into me.

My head slammed into the board knocking it into the wall over and over, making my tits bounce uncontrollably. I strained my neck, burying it into the pillow. He grabbed my ankle throwing it over his shoulder as he powered his rod deep into my g-spot, placing his thumb heavily on my clit. I threw my head back and screamed, no no don’t stopppppp uhhh uh uhh I’m close..

He groaned and after 3 more powerful thrusts, I could feel him pulsate.

scrunching his face, while I came.

He relaxed and shot his load into me, a moan escaped him before he collapsed, his breath ragged but in rhythm with mine.

I stroked his tangled hair before my eyes fluttered closed.