Faint line and still No BFP


GM, ladies đŸ¤”question has anyone ever experienced having pregnancy symptoms and test and it showed a VFL and then you test again and it says negative? Well, this is happening to me and I'm 9days late according to Glow. I have mild to moderate cramping that comes and goes. I've been having in my LLA pain that comes and goes then it will switch to my RLA. I have some pulling down in the middle of my tummy. My nausea comes and go and my lower backache when I start cramping. My CM is thin and creamy moderate/heavy no odor. My appetite has changed some days I want to eat and other days I don't. My boobs not hurting as much like they were last week. I'm peeing a little more and have had some sleepless nights. Idk what to think anymore and I keep having butterfly like movement. Can somebody help me figure this out. I know I have to make an appointment soon.