Birthday week! ❤🥰 gotta brag on him

Danalynn • 1 angel baby Cat mommy 💏🐱

My boyfriend has decided that this year instead of my birthday we are celebrating Dana's birthday week. Due to last year being so horrible

My now boyfriend moved back to PA, my now ex hit me, I didnt get anything I liked, i was given a subway gif card i hate subway and a chocolate cupcake I'm allergic to chocolate. and spent it at work sick as a dog. And I broke a finger. So this year my boyfriend got paid on wednesday and since Wednesday has been celebrating my birthday.

Wednesday he took me for a car ride and drove. He never drives due to having a suspended license, played all my favorite songs, bought me Kate spade phone case, and took my to my favorite fast food restaurant. We came home and I took a nap before work and he leaves and comes back with his cigarettes snuggles up under the covers and goes your favorite water and energy drink is in your lunch tonight baby and your favorite breakfast sandwich. Makes my night.

Thursday I get home from work and hes all honey lets watch pokemon before bed while you eat the tacos I made you. I love tacos and pokemon lol. And he got me coffee before work. He also bought me a mudkip,and pokeball switch case. Because I didn't have a switch case lol. He said it had been too long since I'd recieved a new pokemon so I needed one. I collect them. My goal is to have all the pokemon plush.

Friday was I came home from work to my Ted dress and heels laid out and he looked at me and said go do what you need but be in that by 7pm. 7 rolls around and boom we went to a steakhouse and stuff.

Saturday before work sex! Last work day he stayed up all night just to give me sex before I left. He didnt even get off made it all about me.

Today were going to go play pokemon go and watch indivisible a movie I wanna see.

He said hes not telling what the rest of the week consist of but he has until the 15th lol. Pictures included

Hes honestly making turning 24 the best!