Brown spotting - Freaking out, but trying to remain calm!

Sarah • 34 y/o. Baby boy born Jan 15, 2020. Pregnant with # 2. Stepmom to a 14 year old.

5w6d pregnant. So of course we all hit Google like some sort of investigative reporter when trying to "diagnose" ourselves during early pregancy, and doing so has conpletley freaked me out.

Since Friday, I've been experiencing a little bit of brown spotting - nothing on my panty liner, just when I wipe. It started very very light on Friday morning, then I had intercourse Friday afternoon (with orgasm) and it's been increasing ever since. Its now Sunday morning and I'm tripping balls, ladies! Tripping. Balls.

Google says it's normal, Google also says its early miscarriage. Google, you're a bitch!

I have my first prental checkup with full physical tomorrow morning, and that cant come soon enough!!!!!

Id love to hear your experiences with brown spotting in early pregancy. Good and bad, and I want to know what's up from other ladies who've been through this! Please comment and share your stories with me! Thanks darlings, and happy mothers day!