Am I considered pregnant??

Melanie - 1M/C, 3Chem & a Rainbow due May 2021💕

So I just need some opinions from people I’m going crazy thinks about this. So below I will post some pictures of my tests but first a little back story.

On <a href="">eve</a> of Wednesday May 8 (9DPO I believe) I didn’t track bbt this month... I had really light pink spotting (picture 1). Nothing since.

May 10 (Friday with fmu) I took a premom pregnancy test from a 25 test batch I had used the previous month too and like the month before the test came back BFN.


May 11 (Saturday with fmu) I get a positive with premom. So I take a frer manual and frer digital to confirm..both negative.

Dunk another premom in same fmu and positive again. Take a different urine (2nd morning urine) stick 2 premom and a frer in...premoms positive, frer negative.

Take a third urine of the day after chugging a water bottle to pee and dunk a premom in (now I’m on premom test #5) and positive again but all other brands negative?? I’m so confused

Today (Mother’s Day with fmu) dunk a frer manual and a clear blue blue dye in a I feel like I can see a faint on the clear blue but negative on the frer again.

I feel like I’ve seen other women’s bfp that are fainter than mine and yet all brands manual and digital picks up their hcg but nothing but premom and maybe the clear blue blue dye are picking up mine. Example of someone’s bfp from today (so happy for by the way I just wanted to provide a visual for comparison)

Am I not pregnant? Please feel free to comment your thoughts it would really mean a lot!!!!

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