Post depression, friends

Alissa ❤️🧚🏻🙏🏻

Not sure if this is okay to post ? I apologize if it isn’t but I need some advice.

My best friend of five years , just left me last night and blocked me on all social media Bc I was venting to her about my post partum depression or let’s say how my depression makes me think some days , now it wasn’t anything super crazy I was venting to her about . She sent me a bunch of texts saying that “I’m too much to deal with “ and that my husband might leave me Bc I’m too much , and that he deserves a break from me . That I’m not fun to be around anymore Bc of my depression. Which is dumb Bc my depression only affects me some days not most days . I’m usually pretty happy . I do go to therapy so I have gotten help for two years now . My son was born at 26 weeks and we both almost died two years ago . So that’s the root of depression and such . We have a huge vacation all together planned that’s pretty much all payed for next month and now it’s ruined for us . I’m heartbroken and feel it’s my fault that she doesn’t want to be my friend . I didn’t say much back to her just asked her to stop texting me Bc I was in a bad state so I wasn’t reading her messages properly and was taking them the wrong way . I said to her real friends are there for the bad times and good times and I said you just can’t deal with the bad , and that set her off and she deleted and blocked me on everything. I’ve done a lot for her the last few years and never judged her on anything or her choices and was so excited to go on vacation with her .

So I’m asking is okay for someone to not be friends with you because you are having issues with yourself ? Or to treat me how she did ?