So I need a little help

Ciondra • I’m 23🤪 🌈👶🏽 Mommy of Ameera Reign 🥰🤱🏽🥰 ❤️A.R.T❤️ Due August2019❤️ Birth date June 20th 2019 ❣️

I’m 28 weeks and 1 day now but at 27 weeks I had went to the hospital because I was having really bad contractions and my doctor did a fetal fibronectin test which checks for preterm labor and mine came back positive so I could have my baby in two weeks or less and last night I went to pee and it sometimes takes a minute for me to pee so before I even started peeing a little trickle of water or something came out and then I actually peed and this morning till now which it’s 2:03 where I am but I been having some cramps and my stomach is just really hard . And in my pelvis where my ovaries are on the right side hurts so bad