I’ve been dealing with PCOS. I hadn’t had a period since September 2018. April 28th I got my first period (full, real period) and I was so happy. Although I was going through bad cramping, breast pain, and shooting pains in my back, I was grateful for that period. That was step 1 of my BFP process. I’ve tried Provera, Birth Control Pills, and Metformin. The Metformin helped a ton.

I have been taking ovulation test every day to every other day since November 2018. I never once ovulated and I was determined to get at least a positive ovulation test. Going to different doctors and trying different things. Trying to loose weight and eat healthier. Yesterday night, May 11th, I got my first smiley face (I use Clearblue advanced digital ovulation tests)! I honestly thought it may have been a mistake and so I waited until today to do another one and I’m definitely ovulating this cycle 😊 I was so convinced that my body wouldn’t ovulate on its own!

I’m hoping that in the next two to three weeks I have a BFP or at least another period so I can try again! Getting my first smiley face has definitely gave me tons of more hope!

Baby dust to you all ✨ as well as Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mommies out there whether you have a angel baby or still carrying ❤️ As well as Happy Mothers Day to all the mommies in heaven ❤️