Do I need to worry??


I’m 38 weeks 3 days pregnant with my second baby and have had swollen hands for about a week or so (had to have rings cut off a few days ago as they swelled up so much within an hour) and my feet have been puffy on and off but always gone down but today they’ve stayed puffy and feel like they’re burning abit when I squeeze/bend my toes. I feel like I have cankles and my ankles and calf’s are aching like mad and are also puffy. I’m seeing my midwife in two days but wondered if I need to worry or contact her sooner? At my last appointment she found protein in my urine but said it shouldn’t be anything to worry about. I’ve looked at the symptoms of preeclampsia and shortness of breath is nothing unusual for me as I’m asthmatic and I’ve had mild headaches that have come and gone but I don’t want to bother my midwife or triage if this is normal swelling/