Birth Control??


Hey guys! This is my first post on here and I have a serious question! I’ve heard so many different things about all types of birth control. I’m currently on the pill, and have been for about a year but I’m thinking of another alternative since I may be joining the Army and think it would just be easier to have something inserted rather than pills everyday.. I’m supposed to be getting the Mirena IUD?? I looked up some info and heard a lot about infertility in the future, heavy bleeding for months straight, weight gain, the device migrating inside of me, etc. I also was thinking about the one that goes in your arm?? Haven’t researched that much about it though I just heard it bruises and could really swell your arm up.. please let me know if you’d have any experience on the IUD Mirena or anything else you’d recommend! I am on birth control to protect from having babies and also for my period cramps and heavy bleeding! I also don’t really want my period to go away, I like feeling “normal” but I am open to any ideas! I’m also 18 and not looking to having a family yet if that helps. Thank you so much!