Breast feeding tongue tie


My baby is now 8 days old. Upto day 6 I was exclusively breastfeeding but baby was not getting enough wet nappies and she would be on the boob for an hour at a time.. Come off and then scream the place down like she is still hungry. She would never be settled.

Her latch looked okay to me. My boobs never felt bigger and I didn't notice a difference when my milk came in.

I saw a lactation consultant and she identified a tongue tie. In the mean time I have been pumping every 2 hours but getting 10 to 20ml and therefore not enough for her. I have been giving her formula in bottle or doing SNS feeding.

I want to get her tongue tie sorted but feel like I just won't ever produce enough milk for her needs. I can't even pump more than 20ml and if anything the amount is getting less. Its only been a day or so.. So am I being impatient or not because I think there is something wrong with my boobs and I can't make milk.