Babies! (Vent) 😭😭😣


So while getting some flowers and a nice card at Wal-Mart for mothers day, I stopped by the money center just to borrow a pen to write a personal note in the card for mom. Well, there was this small family (husband, wife, young daughter and baby girl) and while the parents are talking to the lady behind the counter, the young girl is playing with her sister and it was just so cute. She would wiggle her baby sister's feet and sneak up on her. And the baby would look over to me kinda like this:

Lmaooo and I would give her the same look and she'd smile bigger lol. The sister told me her name is Chloe and that she loved her little sister. It was just so darn cute and I wanted to hold the baby so bad but of course that's weird lol and I wanted to hug the child for being such a great sister but again that is weird lmao. Ugh I just want my babies already 😭💗