Birth Story


So I was one day passed my due date and I was SO ready to get my baby out. I was only 1cm dilated from my 39 week appt. Around 10:30 I was starting to feel some contractions and I started timing them. When they started getting closer I decided to get ready since I knew I was going to have to go to the hospital. We arrived to the hospital at about 3am and they checked my cervix and I was only 2cm. They monitored me for an hour and they decided to induce me since I was a day over my due date and my contractions were frequent at times. After inducing me they noticed every time I had a contraction my baby’s heart rate was dropping so I have to have a csection. I literally bursted into tears of how scared I was. I was in the OR within 20 min. At 7:59am on February 21,2019 my babygirl was born. Unfortunately when she was delivered she wasn’t breathing since she inhaled her poop while in my uterus. My baby was intubated and taken to the nicu for further testing. After 4hrs I was able to go see her, and I was told she had a seizure, and had to have a breathing tube as well as a eeg. She was on all sorts of medications and had all different types of tests done. She had a MRI done and it showed a brain bleed. I thought the worst ever. We were allowed to stay in the hospital for 4days since our baby was in the nicu, but it broke my heart having to leave without her. Later we find out that she needs a feeding tube since she wasn’t eating well. She ended up having surgery for a permanent feeding tube in order for us to bring her home. After she spent a month in a half in the nicu she was able to come home. She still seeing a physical therapist, a neurologist, and a GI doctor but so far everything is well. My baby will be turning 3months and all i want to say is everything didn’t go as planned, but I have an amazing baby who I fall in love with more every day.