Husband has been vomiting a lot!!

Before I go any further, I should tell you that my husband and I have gone to the clinic a few times since December last year. And once to the ER. I need some advice or insight.

My husband is 25 years old, and has barely any history on vomiting unless there’s a stomach bug involved.

But ever since last December, he has been having bouts of vomiting. Between December and today, he has vomited a total of SEVEN times. We went in to the clinic, and they’ve told us that it’s acid reflux and to take Zantac for it. But he took it once and vomited again.

Over the past few months, he threw up after:

- eating Subway (threw up both times he ate there)

- eating something with onions in it

- at the smell of popcorn (with a tint of blood) so we went to the ER

- eating bacon

First we thought it was from overeating. But we had a big steak dinner last night and he was full! But no vomiting whatsoever.

The new prescription the dr gave him was Omeprazole, also known as Prilosec OTC.

The acid reflux is gone, yet he’s still vomiting....

Anyone have experience or insight on this? I hate seeing my husband this way and I wish he could feel better. He is setting up an apt tomorrow to get things checked out.