Maternity clothes Rant

Tori • Mommy to👶🏻❤ baby girl 03/30/2018, baby girl 12/31/2019

Ugh so this will be my second baby. I'm only 6 weeks so I know I'm crazy for looking at maternity clothes already but bear with me here. I lost 20 some pounds before I got pregnant so I need to buy some new shorts and i figured i would just get maternity since with my first i made the switch at 9 weeks. Anywho, with my first it was fall and winter when I was pregnant so I have jeans not shorts.

So I found the best maternity Jean's ever at old navy, they still had the button and actually sat a little higher. I am not a small girl so I have love handles and I cannot stand low rise pants.

Why are all maternity pants low rise! I just look fatter in maternity clothes now 😰😰😰. I love high rise pants and there are no high rise maternity pants.

If anyone has any suggestions on maternity pants that are not low rise please tell me.

I wish I was a dress person cause I would just wear dresses in the summer but I am not a dress person at all

Also if anyone else just wants to rant about their hate for maternity clothes please do so lol