Am I overreacting? (Relationship)

I need help understanding if I am being irrational or not, please if you have any advise or comments anything helps. This is really long, I’m sorry.

So my boyfriend and I have been going out for two years now, we have lived with each other for the past 7 months.

He is always putting other people in front of me like for example; we made plans to meet together three nights ago and he was 2 hours late because after work he was drinking with some friends at a bar and “lost track of time.”

Two nights ago we made plans and he agreed to meet me outside of my job when I got off work so we can go to dinner. I waited 35 minutes and finally called him and he said he was still at home and that he wasn’t going to come. (He didn’t leave the house all day and wasn’t doing anything)

One day ago, I said I was really tired from work and want to go to bed early, he begged me to stay up so we could watch a show together, I said ok, and he said “okay let me go to the gym first” I said fine because I didn’t want to argue. He said he would be an hour. He came two hours later, I was asleep. He woke me up and when I got upset and asked him what was he doing he said I met up with a friend.

Today I said I have a few hours before I have to go to work why don’t we go do something and he said ok so I got ready and he was in his gym stuff and said I’ll just be 15 min on cardio. I said whatever I just don’t want to end up being late for work. He comes back after a half hour and showers and as we are about to leave his friend calls him and says that he’s in our neighborhood in about 30 minutes he has something for my boyfriend. It’s now an hour and a half before my job (which it takes a half hour to get to) and he says “ok I’ll see you in a half hour” to his friend???!! So once again he made me wait for him and cancels at last minute for a friend.

Naturally I’m really upset, this kind of thing happens nearly everyday. I feel like I am the least important person in the world to him and he says I’m overreacting. I get more upset because he’s not understanding my point of view and he says “you’re not the only person in my life do you think you’re some sort of God to me?”

I’m not asking to be the center of everything but I don’t like being stood up all the time and each time there’s a different excuse with him. I cry every time because I hate feeling pushed aside and not important, he will literally leave me and the plans we made that night for his friends or because he can’t be bothered. I can’t help but feeling like I deserve better? I wouldn’t mind if it was only a few times but when it’s so often it looks obvious that he doesn’t care.

Am I overreacting at all? Also we can’t leave the lease for another 5 months, we’ve both paid in full for the year and can’t get roommates. If we breakup wouldn’t it just make things worse because we’d still have to live with each other for so long?