Any advice, I’m struggling

Amy • Mom to 4 beautiful girls. 3/3/10, 4/27/14, 4/8/17, 3/7/19.

When my daughter was 2 weeks old I started offering a bottle so she wouldn’t forever reject them like my last daughter. I tried to give her a bottle at least once a week from there out. Sometimes more if we were out doing stuff. She had a bottle of the 18th of April and then I didn’t give her one for about 2 weeks. Just hadn’t been thinking about it. I planned on going out Sunday the 5th of this month so 2 days before I tested the bottle with her just to make sure we were good and she took it after a minute or two. So I go out Sunday gone for about 6 hours, come home and hubby said she been upset the whole time and hasn’t taken the bottle once. I’m confused. I try to give her the bottle where I noticed the first issue was he’d asked our 9 year old to warm up the milk. I don’t know what happened but someone water got into it because 1.5 oz magically turned into 4 so obviously if it doesn’t taste right she’s not going to take it. Well now she’s refused the bottle ever since and I’m pretty upset. I went 10 months with my last daughter before she took a sippy cup so I either couldn’t leave the house without her or just had to let her scream.

Everyone keeps telling me to leave the house and have someone else feed her, but my husband just gets irritated and gives up when she won’t take it and everyone around me, friends and family, have always formula fed their babies so they don’t understand why I breastfeed to begin with so I don’t feel comfortable asking them to help. It just makes me want to cry. I tried so hard this time to make sure she took a bottle so I could have a bit of me time here and there and now I just feel like I’m trapped. I’ve tried 4 different bottles also. 😭