In laws rant

💙 • Married, Mommy to 1 + 1 on the way 💗

My in laws have always been very territorial over our baby. They came everyday at the hospital, and would ask to come over every single day for the first week when we got home. Now we see them at least 2-3 times a week. When we’re with them the only time they don’t hold him is when he is nursing or getting his diaper changed. I’ve noticed he gets super overstimulated and stressed having people in his face and being away from mom for 1-2 hours at a time. So I’ve tried to start having some moments when I wrap him to me or we lay him down to stretch and play so he doesn’t feel over held. He was getting stressed out on Mother’s Day so I wanted him to play on the blanket while we ate dinner instead of my FIL holding him. When we did this not only was he pouting but so was my MIL. Then they invited their friends over to meet the baby and my MIL held him and showed him off the entire time. It frustrated me because they act more like they think he is their back up baby than their grandson. And literally don’t talk to me and act grumpy whenever I don’t let them hold him for super long periods of time. I’m going to go nuts