He woke me up and didn't have sex with me


Ughhhh.. not gonna lie, I'm a horny girl, I have a high sex drive and pretty much anything sets me off to make me want sex. My man is far less like that, he will occasionally want it. Last night we had some pretty good sex, we both came and it was a nice time.

However, this morning he woke me up by spooning into me with his hard morning wood, I mean that thing was twitching and digging right into me. I was like oh hell yes we never have sex before you go to work, good morning baaaaaaaaby 😘😋🥴🤤💕

But nope. He rolls back the other way 2 minutes before his alarm goes off. I turned it off and tried to cuddle up to him and rub on him to keep him in the mood but all I get is a sleepy "good morning babe" and him hiding his goods from me (laying on his front).

I mean come on... let me take advantage of your morning erection for once 😡 I love him so much lol we laughed about it when he woke up fully and I told him I'm gonna do him good tonight