microwave foods

So my almost 1 year old has always eaten whatever we eat. He eats good.

My husband a while ago picked up a few brands of baby ravioli and Mac n cheese with vegetables type meals for babies that you microwaveb(not puree) . One is Gerber and one is happy baby. (idk why he did he just bought them for emergency I guess) Are these absolute garbage? I assume the Gerber probably is. Like is it 'junk food' they shouldn't be eating? I try my best to feed him healthy clean meals.

But today... He hated my lunch! Which is weird for him so I made one of those Gerber Mac n cheese and chicken with vegetables and this kid loved it. I felt like a horrible mom because it looks. Like slop and I'm sure ruts not good for him but idk what do you guys think? Is it really bad? Do you use those in a pinch?