Any dream interpreters here?


So we’ve been ttc for about a year now with a miscarriage in between. We never found out the sex but i and everyone else were sure it was a boy. Last month i had a weirdly real dream that i had a baby girl with brownish hair and green eyes and she was chubby. the next day my mom told me she had a dream i was having a little girl and then my mother in law that same week had a similar dream. I thought maybe it was a sign i was pregnant bc i was in my tww but i got my period. Now yesterday (in my tww again) a cousin told me she had a dream that i gave birth to a girl that had light hair green eyes and was chubby. Its so weird that so many people are seeing the same girl in their dreams! Any ideas what this could mean?? I was thinking its the soul of the baby we lost but im so sure it was a boy