Spousal “support” 😕

Before TTC my husband and I had a lot of talks about having a baby and he was so excited for it... but now that I’m pregnant (7w) I feel like I’m doing everything on my own. I’m the one researching all the baby gear, putting together a stricter budget, looking into various options... I keep asking him to talk about it with me but it somehow always gets put off. He said he doesn’t want to think about anything until after the first scan at 10w and that everything will “work out” — uhm, hello you can’t just act like you’re not pregnant for almost the entire first trimester and lose all that valuable time playing video games. It’s only going to “work out” if I make it!

He has a medical background and it’s like he’s completely oblivious to what the symptoms are. He keeps attributing them to something else or acting like they’re not legitimate symptoms. I’ve been very moody lately (thanks hormones!) and instead of trying to understand that I can’t flip hormones on and off with a switch he blames me for causing a strain on our marriage.

Has anyone else dealt with a completely different version of your spouse than you expected during your pregnancy?! Like I don’t even feel like I’m married to the same guy anymore... all I want is for him to be supportive and WANT to be a part of this with me on his own instead of ignore it.