So... I'm hoping to hear from some GD moms and what your diet kind of looks like. I passed my 1 hour test, this go round, but really not by much, maybe a 5% margin, and my last baby was born at 40 weeks @ 10lbs!! I don't want a repeat of that if possible, as my body was really in bad shape after that delivery, and my son had some issues with his blood sugar after delivery, too. My doctor at the time said that I most likely had borederline GD.

Anyways, on my own gut feelings and just in the hopes to eat better for the next 7 weeks and give my son the best nutrition when he grows the most, I plan to cut out all the bad sugars starting today I can think of myself. Sugary drinks, cookies, sweets, candy, ect. But what about white pasta and white bread, white rice, some fruits and veggies? Don't those cause a spike as well just like eating candy?

Can someone with more knowledge than me let me in on some of their diet tips if you have GD or are borderline?