Should i feel bad for wanting *me relax time*

I work 40+ hours a week. I have 2 young children 3yr old and 16 month old. My husband doesnt work currently other than some uber and lyft 2 times a day. My kids are HUGE mommy girls and anytime im around they are like my ducklings

I dont even pee alone. I nurse while im eating just to be able to eat.

When i work a long day like a 430am to 3pm i wanna vome home take a nap. Play with them for like an hr or 2 and then get ready for bed. If im off we take the kids to my parents go swimming read and play bikes or monsters etc.

. Should i feel bad for wanting me time to relax and making them only see me for a short time when im working suck a long day. ? Pics for attention

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