UPDATE ** Cd 26 10DPO today 5/19/19 & with spotting yesterday 5/18/19 UPDATE JUNE 2019


Miscarriage at 6 weeks and at 8 weeks I did end up pregnant of fraternal twins lost both 2 weeks apart from each other 😭 👼 👼


So far been POS Everyday since my first faint positive on CD 26 10DPO Currently CD 29 13DPO and These are my results going to continue POS until I Miss my period which is due on April,25,2019.

Thank you all and baby dust and prayers to all💕

Decided to take a pregnancy test and idk if I’m seeing things but is that a faint positive I see? I think I am seeing things? What you guys think? I’m TTC after my nexplanon removal this past April 24 2019 had all the early pregnancy symptoms after these almost 4 weeks since the removal. Anyone else TTC after nexplanon?