Giving up

I've failed in everything I can think of I cant even do the most simplest thing is becoming pregnant I'm tired of people telling me what to do telling me your time will come let it happend lose weight this that Like Fuck ya dont understand how I feel because none of them are in my life trying for almost 8 years and not having that special moment for us I cry I pray I do everything I can I stop tracking stop stressing and nothing seems to work going to doctors getting check ups and telling me I'm fine !!! Hubbies fine I'm over it Today has really hit me I'm be 27 and with no child hubby will be nearly 30 and no children plz dont tell me ph your still young you have alot of time left ! Becasue I don't I'm here for what all i want is to Be a mother ! 😥😥😥🦋🦋 I'm sorry but I just can't any more I give up everything in life