Day naps


So how many naps does your baby take? My daughter was taking 3 but a few weeks ago she starting skipping her late afternoon nap, but now if I don’t try to keep her up so she wakes up later by 6/6:30 she’s awful, she’s tired and then she gets overtired and it’s really hard, our evenings are awful and I always feel bad because when my husband gets home from work it’s her crabbiest time so she usually doesn’t want him. I need some advice on what to do...should I try to have her start taking another nap? She usually takes a nap around 9/9:30, sleeps for about a hour or so and then I try to Keep her awake till 1;30/2:00 but since she doesn’t sleep very long she’s usually awake by 2:30/3:00. She use to take a nap around 4 and would sleep about 30 minutes or so, then would start getting tired again around bedtime, which was perfect. Ever since she dropped her later nap our evenings are awful now. What would you do? Would you try to get her to take her third nap again? She’s not a good napper she just now is sleeping for 45 minutes to a hour, if I’m lucky she will sleep a little over a hour. But she is also so inconsistent, some days her morning nap is 30 minutes and other days it’s 2 hours...that’s what’s also hard. So should I just play everyday by ear depending on how long her naps are and stuff? Idk what I need to do but all I know is that our evenings need to get better because it’s no fun for anyone, and it’s stressful. She gets sooo over tired but usually around that time it’s to early for bed and still needs to have another bottle. Does anyone else have this problem?