35 Weeks Today 😃😃😃//😟😟😟

Courtney 🦋 Mother Of 3 👧👧👶 •

Earlier today I was shopping for some comfortable clothes I can wear around the house. I only had a couple of dollars with me and I couldn't find nothing that fit me for the discounted price.. I went to the Dollar Tree afterwards and the shirts they had were small, which I can NOT fit. I cried because I felt so fat. I told my SO and he looked at some more shirts. He found a 2xl for me and told me not to cry and gave me a kiss.

About an hour ago we were cooking dinner. I tell him to add the black beans to the ground beef. He asks me"are you sure because you're picky"?

I started to cry because I know I'm not picky cause if that was the case I wouldn't tell him to add the beans with the beef.

Pregnancy hormones are getting me

35 weeks 😟😟😟