Frustrated, devastated, emotionally spent


I feel so alone with all this hurt. Last cycle I had a chemical. First sign that sperm could meet egg in 20 months. I was heart broken. But optimistic. Now this cycle AF is about to show up. I’m shattered. I was so confident that this would be my cycle. Nope nothing but tears and sobs. All my poor husband can say is “I’m sorry” he doesn’t understand and I can’t expect him to. It isn’t his body not doing the necessary things to get pregnant and stay pregnant. My mother says the typical and infuriating phrases “ it will happen when it’s supposed to” “pray about it” and hundreds others that are so incredibly frustrating to hear. Of all my friends only one has ever had a failed pregnancy(don’t want any of them to). To her it was no big deal bc she already has all the kids she wants(her words not mine). My heart is breaking. I wish I weren’t so alone in this. This is what no one ever says TTC is like.