Probably my favorite pregnant memory so far


Today we went out and celebrated my best friends birthday at a baseball game with quite a few of her friends.

During the game, it ended up pouring down rain and it got delayed, but we thought it was canceled, so we all made plans to go to a bar.

We split up in 3 different groups, and the group involving me and my friend, decided to take an Uber to the bar since it was raining so hard. (I do believe the other two groups did the same)

We stayed inside the venue until it said our Uber was almost there, and then we ran outside and called her to kind of describe what we all looked like and to explain our exact location.

As we are in the rain, soaking wet, waiting, and looking for our Uber who apparently decided to just cancel our ride lol

So we call for another ride, who picked us up and was amazing! So it was probably a blessing.

We get to the bar rather quickly, and we are hanging out just sitting around. Everyone with their drinks, myself with my water 😂

And it didn’t take long for my best friend to get a little tipsy. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Next thing I know, she just looks at me and tells me she loves me and how grateful she is for me, and started tearing up. And then I start tearing up.

And soon, it’s a drunk girl and a pregnant girl hugging in a bar both trying to stop each other from crying but we can’t look at one another because each time we do we start crying 😂😂😂

I am SO grateful to have this girl as my best friend

Never a dull moment

Always feeling appreciated

Always feeling loved

And she’s always there for me

The universe did something real good when bringing her into my life and I am so excited for her to help lead me to be the best mom I can be and I am so excited for my son to have her in his life and hopefully guide him when I don’t have the tools to do so myself the same way she’s guided me