I should stop worrying right?

So tonight, my boyfriend and I were having sex and I decided that I was okay with him ejaculating inside of me without a condom. I've been on birth control for close to a year at this point but I've always been afraid of him coming inside of me and possibly getting pregnant so he only comes inside of me if he's wearing a condom, otherwise he pulls out.

I'm pretty sure I'm fine but I wanted to ask just in case because I'm just a paranoid person in general sometimes. I got my period on Monday and by Thursday it was gone. So my boyfriend and I had sex and I was so into it in the moment that I told him to come inside of me. I'm still pretty safe from pregnancy right (I know BC isn't 100% preventative but you know what I mean)? I take my pill at the exact same time every day, and I didn't miss any this month.

Again, I know I probably sound like I'm overthinking it but I wanted to be certain that I didn't make some big mistake and have to worry about being pregnant. I enjoyed the experience of course and I don't regret it, but I feel like I just need reassurance that I’m overthinking lol.

And I’m not dumb and naïve going into having sex blindly. I know that my pill if taken correctly is 99% effective, and that if I truly don’t want to get pregnant I should be using a condom with the pill lol.

And as far as sex goes, for now on I’m gonna go back to using a condom or the pull out method.

**meanwhile this is me laying in bed**