Dear baby adopters

- Ok guys, so long story short.. My husband & I have been TTC for years & haven’t had any luck. The overall process has often left me depressed and very discouraged, as it would any other woman who’s having a hard time conceiving. So one day, I thought out loud to my husband, “we should just adopt”. And he was interested in the idea. He said “that way I know for sure we’ll have a baby girl” 😂 (but if we conceived naturally, we’d accept any gender of course). So we started doing some research about the details, requirements & prices and holy sh*t, it’s expensive (from what I’ve seen) & somewhat unaffordable in the time frame we’re aiming for. Who would’ve known doing a selfless act would cost so much? And don’t get me wrong.. just because I don’t have an extra 4K sitting around to adopt (which seems like actually purchasing a human😐) doesn’t mean I’m not financially stable enough to take care of a baby. Hell, giving birth to my own would be cheaper. I might as well pay for <a href="">Ivf</a> or some other costly procedure. But my post wasn’t fully made to go off about the price. I’m curious, has anyone adopted or know someone personally who did? Hell, even if you’ve given a baby up for adoption & know how all this stuff works.. Tell me, is there a cheaper & possibly faster route? I saw someone say that their adoption process wasn’t that costly at all because they personally knew someone who wanted to give their baby up for adoption so they worked out an agreement for the couple to privately adopt & take the baby home from the hospital. Is this true? I mean, I wouldn’t happen to know anyone who’s pregnant & is willing to let me adopt their baby, nor do I know anyone who’s willing to get pregnant & allow me to adopt. So I’d still have to find someone & wait it out if that is a cheaper route. No, I’m not trying to take the easy way out or have it easy or anything, I just had no clue adopting a baby was so costly. I’d hate to have to take out a loan or do payment plans on a 4K+ process when I could be using that money to take care of & spoil my little baby. That’s just me though! But any pointers? If you know about the whole ordeal, just let me know how long of a process was adopting for you, how costly was is, and what all to expect. I know about the home evaluation thing but that’s pretty much it. Yes, google gave me some good info but PERSONAL experience/stories, opinions & advice is always better. I know it’s different in every state BTW, so I’m located in Louisiana if helps any. Thanks in advance!