My ex can really smd (sorry) lol


Hi glow family, sorry I need to vent. My ex and I have been broken up for about a years now. During our breakup, he gave me so many excuses as to why he wanted to breakup never a solid excuse. I asked him multiple times if there was someone else & he beat around the bush. When we for sure ended things within a month he was already with a new girl. Someone he worked with. He posted a picture of them together and replied to one of his friends saying “yea it’s been a long time coming.” so he already had one foot out the door during our relationship the moment he met this co worker now girlfriend.

It pisses me off bcus he recently refollowed me on IG. and follows me on all social media, plus still has our pictures up on his facebook & twitter. His game is shady & i hope he didnt refollow to basically pull the same one foot in & one foot out the door with her by following me out of the blue. He can really smd. All opinions are welcomed 😂