Venting/confused, my bad or not?

So here's the story, I have hardly any family a lot has passed away and most of the rest are drug addicts. I live far away from everyone now. I talk only to my cousin, shes older than me. I recently found out my little sister(drug addict) hurt her daughter(shes 4)(it was bad), I called the sheriff on her. She had 2 kids starting at 13.. she hurt her daughter really bad and the sheriff called me explaining that I did the right thing because it was unbelievable of how bad the little girl was. My sister has never done this to her kids, shes always good with them but I felt she was so fucked up on drugs she snapped?...that being said. Her friends didnt do shit knowing this and right after that happened one of her so called friends posted they are going to beat her up in prison and my cousin told me about that and i got worried for my sister i know she did wrong but shit gets crazy in there i dont want her to possible die. My cousin got pissed off at me and now wont talk to me anymore.. she called me petty because I didnt respond right away for mothers day.. I actually made her something but couldn't send it out till I got home later in the day. I know my cousin is going through a hard time she lost her husband who committed suicide about 8 months ago, she found him. Now she deleted me off her fb.. I'm upset and confused with her.. I understand shes having a shitty life that's why I'm not pissed but why push me away? She goes weeks without talking to me and leaving me on read. So I give her time. I didnt respond to her happy mothers day because I had made her something special on my desktop and I was out all day with my kids... I explained that and sent it when I got home. She left me on read again.. now I noticed I'm deleted off her fb.. me and her are really close... idk if I'm supposed to say sorry? Or send her a message or what.. opinions anyone?