What do I do now?


I’ve posted this earlier so sorry for anyone who’s seeing this again. Anyways I hooked up with a guy friend months ago. After we were “talking” but I wasn’t ready to commit just yet. He ended it saying he just wanted to be friends. It was hard on me and still is. I spent all these months thinking it was me who scared him away. I know him so well and I know when he’s genuine and he was, I think he was just scared of getting hurt because I wasn’t ready. Anyways, when we were talking we’d send each other memes all day. So when we stopped I wanted to get back to normal and I’d send like two a week. Sometimes he’d like them but mostly not. He wasn’t even liking any pics I posted. A few weeks ago he sent me a bunch of memes all of a sudden. The next day we were sending each other memes. He even responded to stories I posted for multiple days. Then he sent a group snap saying he’s coming home in a month and we should all hang. I said yeah and he sort of slowed down after that. Then last week he picked back up and sent me more memes. He was even snapping me. This week, he’s honestly been more mia. He’s barely liked anything I’ve sent, he’s liked all the photos I’ve posted. He sent me a few memes yesterday which was the first time in a week. I sent more yesterday and today. Than he accidentally called me through insta and told me it was an accident. Didn’t like the memes I sent. But it got me thinking...did he mute my messages on insta because that button is right next to the video messaging button??? I literally thought we were getting somewhere these past few weeks but now he’s just not there. I’ve been sending the memes because that’s what he did with me last week. He lives across the country and based off the snaps he’s been posting this weekend he’s been preoccupied. But I just don’t wanna mess anything up before he comes back. I legit thought he’d never want to hang with me since he barely interacted with me for over 2 months but 2 weeks ago he asked in the snap if we wanted to hang when he’s back so I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t change his mind now. Idk what to do. Do I continue sending more?? Do I wait for him to send any again??? Help!!!

Also, we’ve always communicated through insta or snap since he left home years ago. The only time we’ve texted was when he deleted social media for months.