Left Out

So excited to have friends & family who are pregnant the same time I am. It’s comforting to know you have others going through the same thing!! Sometimes I find it so hard to not compare myself/my relationship to others. I hear about how my friends/cousins husbands bring them food they’re craving home from work. How they’ll drive them to McDonald’s at 2 am. How their husbands helped them set up and decorate the nursery. While my husband says I don’t need any of my cravings. He’ll spend his whole night after work on his PlayStation and he will drink until he goes to bed. Then when I try to talk about how his actions bother me he’ll guilt me about getting pregnant. “I never wanted this, but I still gave you a baby”. Just kind of sucks. You go into pregnancy thinking it will be this exciting experience shared by all. But not every experience is the same I suppose. I only have 8.5 weeks left of this journey and I just want to meet my daughter.