Do you hate making the first move


So us ladies get the same sex drive as men do right but the other day me and my bf were watching coco and I’m over here thinking we’re gonna do it after and as soon as the movie ends he’s just like okay babe goodnight! And I hate asking him cause I like it better when he makes the first move like I’ve never asked for sex even when I want it 😂 I know that’s messed up but I asked my friend and she says the same thing she doesn’t like making the first move even when she wants it, I ended up giving him the silent treatment and after like 10 min of him asking me what’s wrong I say nothing then he’s just like do u wanna do it and I’m like in my head “YES” but out loud I said “sure” 😂 why am I like this 😐🤦🏻‍♀️