When for baby #2?

Hi, can you please post anonymously? Thanks

My husband and I are trying to decide when to go for baby #2. We have an 11 month old now thank Gd, and having a great time as parents. We both want multiple children and ideally want them closer in age. The concern is financial: having another child would mean I’d be off of work (3 months paid maternity leave plus at least another 3 more unpaid). I just started a new job a few months ago that I love and while work would of course be understanding of taking off time, I want to do well and taking off 6 months would put a big damper on the progress I’ve already made. Plus where we live, the day care is around $900 for our 11 month old, and the thought of spending $1800 if we have two babies on day care is daunting. Public (free) day care starts at 3 years old, so if we wait until our first is 2 years old to start trying (in a year), then she will be 3 at least by the time we’re ready for baby #2 to start day care. But I don’t know if i want to wait for another year. I feel like my body is telling me HAVE A BABY NOW!!

My question: if you have more than one child, how did you decide when to try for the second? Pros and cons of starting sooner vs waiting? Thank you in advance!!