So I was in the shower tired af

but the hot water felt good and for some reason I started getting horny.

I’m not with anyone and if I was I still wouldn’t really have them help me out bc I’m still sexually traumatized from my last relationship (abusive in every way). So I was like let’s just solve this with the shower head...

But that wasn’t doing it for me and the sexual frustration kept building. And at this point I’m so close but can’t get there.

So I reach out and grab whatever thin, long bottle is next to the shower on my shelf. I use it (lid out bc I’m not stupid, even tho apparently I actually am) for the penetration aspect to help me finish. And it was juuuuust what I needed!!!

But then I take the bottle out and I’m like Wtc is this... and I realize it’s empty... it had a few pumps left before... it is radiance repair peeling gel... to peel the dead skin off my face... and apparently my vagina pulled the cork out of the bottom (which I didn’t even know it had) and sucked all the gel out of the bottle and up in my vagina... so of course I try to flush it all out with the shower head and I am trying to push and pee and finger myself and everything else I know to do to get it back. It obviously isn’t working. Sooooooo should I just chill and see what happens or what? I live close to an hour from town so if I go to the hospital or anything on a whim it’s gonna be super inconvenient at this point of the night. Anyway idk if I should be worried but I’ve learned to look at what I grab before I shove it up my vagina...

Also I didn’t proof read this so sorryyy bc I have bigger problems at the moment.


I waited a bit to see what would happen bc it was an all natural product. I am fine, my vagina is completely normal, and I’m on my period now and it’s normal too. The day after I felt super paranoid but nothing more. I definitely have been super horny still but I have been to annoyed by myself about the situation to do anything lol

But on a good note, since everything is fine with my vagina and any discharge, I’ve decided to get intimate (not penetration sex) with the guy I’ve kinda been talking to and making out with on occasion lol wish me luck!

Second update/replies to comments:

I have some toys just not in the bathroom bc I live with my parents during the summer so how bad would that be if they or my 14 year old brother and his friends found it. It wasn’t like I was planning this bc I was so tired so I obviously didn’t bring them with me lol