My husband hates being around me


Im 19 weeks pregnant now. Ive been extremely sick the whole time Ive been pregnant. For a few weeks I was depressed because I couldn't do much and felt so lonely. Recently my husband got a new motorcycle so he's been spending every second he has free working on it ect. So id only see him when he came to lay down for bed. He later told me he spent so much time on the bike away from me because of how miserable I am and he dosnt want to be around me when im sad. So I tried. I've perked up even when I feel horrible and emotional and lonely. But it hasn't really changed. His friend is currently living in our spare bedroom and even though ive been perkier and try to hide my misery from him he still dosent spend much time around me. He comes home from work and instead of coming into our room and saying hi he goes and talks to his friend forever then finally comes into me and has almost nothing to say before he's running out the door again. When somethings exciting or funny to him he tells his friend not me. I dont get any of his good moments. I just sleep next to him. That's when I see him the most. I'm so sad and I don't really have any friend's close by I can hang out with. I just want my husband to want to be around me. What am I doing wrong? Or am I just over reacting? What do you ladies think and please don't be harsh.