I lost my wedding ring

Deanna β€’

my wedding ring has somehow slipped off my finger sometime tonight. I woke up in a panic as soon as I noticed, tore my bed apart, my room, tore my kitchen apart, and even my car. Literally looked everywhere I could possibly think of. I finally decided to drive back to work at 3AM crying and praying the entire drive that it would be there, it’s was my last resort. I had thought I lost the one thing that means the absolute most to me for good. after 3 hours of searching crying, begging god to hear me out and lead me to my ring. I finally found it, I drove to work.. and there it was, sitting underneath the desk. and praise god it was there. πŸ™πŸ½ I have never felt so much weight off my shoulders.

ugh I never wanna go through that again. But after all that sadness, show me your rings ladies! 😘