I gave up my ice cream for this 😍😍❀️

So I’m sitting in bed eating ice cream straight out of the tub (stoner munchies) while my husband is putting the baby to sleep. Next thing I know he’s in my face kissing me HARD. 😫He pushes me back on the bed and I put the ice cream down on the bed. After a hot and heavy make out sesh I get down and start giving him head. He’s rubbing my neck and shoulders which totally loosened me up 😍 So I get this idea and I reach for my spoon of ice cream... oh yeah ladies I licked vanilla ice cream off my man’s dick!! 😘😘 we had sex on the floor after and it was HOTTT! Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style AND he fingered me to keep me going after he finished! 😍 Bro idk what I did to deserve this tonight but let me tell you, I will be sleeping SO good tonight!