How can I feel more connected to him?

I'm 34+3 weeks pregnant with our second baby and we have a 17 month old daughter.

For the past week or 2, I've been feeling more and more disconnected from my fiance. We hardly have sex because I'm so uncomfortable, I do try and just power through it for him but I get nothing out of it which I dont really mind because I'm not in it for that I just want the closeness back that I feel we have lost.

He comes home from work will say hello tell me about his day, play with our daughter and just sit on his phone until dinner is ready, then he will sit on his phone whilst we all eat dinner together and there is hardly any conversation the he will be on his phone pretty much constantly until we go to bed and even then hes just laid there for 10-15 mins watching stupid videos whilst I'm laid there doing absolutely nothing trying to talk to him or cuddle him and hes not interested, he will then give me a quick kiss turn over and go to sleep. When he wakes up he doesn't even say anything to me (we wake up at the same time as our alarm is set 15 miks before our daughter is due to wake up) and he just goes straight back on his phone until it's time to get ready for work usually about half hour, I'll go get our daughter and bring her to our room so we can all lay in bed for a little while before starting our day. This used to be my favourite time of the day as we all used to just snuggle and mess around then get up and he would get ready for work me and baby would go down for breakfast. Hes just really distant now.

He doesn't seem to be interested in having sex with me hes not expressed anything about how hes feeling about it I've tried to talk to him about it telling him that I'm still willing to have sex with him just not as often as we was (it was like 2-3 times a week) I said that maybe once a week is fine and he said okay. I asked him how he felt about it he said that if that's what needs to happen for me to be comfortable then that's the way it will be. Well no we arent even having sex once a week its basically never. I just want him it doesn't have to be sex but I just want to feel like we are connected again. But I found out he has been watching porn because he left the tab open on his phone when I grabbed it to Google something quick. It's not the porn I have an issue with its feeling like hes brushing me off because hes getting what he wants from that and not me and that he would rather just watch that and get off quick then having sex with me that may take longer or be a bit awkward because I'm pregnant. Like I'm still here whether we have sex or not I still need him to want to hug me and kiss me to keep something there rather than nothing. I get hugs and kisses if I ask for them or I just go up to him and hug/kiss him he doesn't willingly come up to me and kiss me or hug me. In fact he can go all day without hugging or kissing me and he used to be the complete opposite.

He also isn't bonding with this baby like he did our first he wont touch my belly, talk to her feel or watch her move but he did it all with our first daughter.

I just dont understand where this has all come from it's like its been creeping in the past 3-4 months but the last couple weeks I've seen a change and I dont like it and the hardest part is, is trying to figure out how to bring it up to talks about it because I can never find the words and hes not good at expressing his feelings to me face to face so I've been thinking about texting him but then that just seems silly to me but I know I'll get more out of him of I do rather than sitting and having a conversation as he just shuts down.

Sorry for the long post. Any advice is greatly appreciated I'm just stuck at knowing what to do.