He wants me to abort but I can't do it :(


Hi girls. I already wrote a post about going through the abortion process. I spoke to my partner and he told me he doesn't want this child. But I cant bring myself to go through with it.

He said he isn't ready and wants to be more stable which is understandable but I'm pregnant NOW. He told me beforehand when we was having intercourse he wanted a baby with me and a family but now that I am pregnant. I think reality hit and hes scared.

He told me to go through the abortion and he wont change his mind. I am scared because I already have an 1 year old to another man (which didnt work out because he was a cheating scumbag) but my current boyfriend is perfect with my daughter and treats her as his own. But he said he isn't ready.

Am I selfish for wanting to keep the baby and bring it into the world knowing its father doesn't want it? Would I be able to forgive him if I go through with the procedure. I am just looking for advice or people who have been in similar situations.

Plesse no hate thank you x