Thoughts on Bassinets? Love or Hate?

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Not a first time Mom here but trying to be practical! (Pregnancy #7) I have a toddler that I may never get out of my bed, I want the new baby close but not in bed just for safety with a toddler and a Hubby who take up all the room! I have a crib in our room but am realistic that with middle of the night feedings every 2 hrs and my being older I may find myself lazy about getting up and putting baby in bed! So I am considering a bassinet next to the bed! That way I can nurse and lay baby right next to me without having to get out of bed! I have never used one before! With my last two I used a playpen but neither of my kids slept well in it and it was quite large to keep next to the bed! I want something that takes up less room and slides away from the bed easy when I need to get up! Thoughts? Anyone have a brand they really loved?? Please share pics or links! Thanks