Can’t stand this GD testing anymore

Is this for the remainder? I’m seeing my doc Wednesday. I can’t stand it anymore. I threw up before breakfast fine. I made a nice healthy breakfast and threw it up too. I was stressing that i gotta do a test in an hour I’m not gonna prepare breakfast again. Got fed up and I ate 2 chewy bars walked my dog. And of course failed the test. Then i gotta not eat 2h so i can have lunch. I’m so tired now i don’t wanna walk again before my other test. 4x a day for another 8 weeks like common. I just started this and I’m passing most of the time. Can’t i just be told this is diabetes so do the diet. Why do i need to follow constant hours. I have to have supper at 7 cuz i gotta test before sleeping on a 3h fast. Like I’m gonna not gonna have a life. I won’t have supper with my husband. I can’t have a snack or else i gotta sleep later and i pass out at 10. I’ll do this diet for my baby but the hours testing is too much. I already accepted that i throw up daily, nose bleeds, sciatica, the million appointments i have to go to cuz of this diabetes issue but this testing is making me miserable. Rant over:(