What are some trending baby names that you think will rise in 2019?

I think more nickname-y names with rise, thanks to the name “Archie”. (Think: Posie, Alfie, Frankie, Millie, etc)

I also think simple, short names will be trending all year, too, like Koa, Noa, Lux, Rex, Rio, Ace, etc.

And I think word names will be on the rise. (Think: Psalm, Saint, North, Reign, Dream, True, Zen, Nirvana, Saffron, Corduroy, Journey, Apple, Couch, IPhone, etc)

What do you ladies think will be trending in 2019 and after? And *bonus*, what trends do you hope to see die?

I hope “Em” names go down drastically... and “x” names like Jaxon...