I have been living with my boyfriend for almost a year now . He recently told me as far as us being together he feels we moved to fast and has never been as committed as he has with me. But sometimes he feels he wants to be alone but doesn’t want to lose me. Of course it hurt so bad to hear it and he saw and regretted even telling me. He says forget what I said I love you. I told him if we split I don’t think I can stay friends . We’ve become very open with our families and told them we are in a relationship. I mean we’ve lived together for a long time now and I have 3 daughters and he has 1 so we’ve become more. I don’t know is this normal for a man to rethink his commitment and want to be free. I even told him to be alone and move out if he feels that way and don’t pretend to be with me. To not bullshit me! He said he was wrong and can’t be without me and begged me to stay. Should I give this another shot or just be the strong one and stick to having him leave me. I just think I’ve never questioned loving him or being without but can’t forget what he said. Now also for him to move out would be easy his job supplies him with housing so him staying because he has nowhere to go is not the reason he wouldn’t be able to leave. He lived on company site when we met and left his friends and location. He just has never been in such a serious relationship and says he’s scared. I’m scared too I told him but willing to go through with him. Just need advice