Took these today...


I have been having bad pain, that only lasts a few seconds every morning, for about 3 weeks or so. On my left side right below my hip bone. It helps as soon as I change positions, but for that second, it feels like an ovarian cyst is bursting..

Today I am 5 days late. I am usually a few days behind and always get disappointed with a BFN. But because I’ve been feeling sick, I tested. Got a positive and was excited for a few seconds... until I thought about what’s been going on each day. Smh. Has this ever happened to anyone and their LO was okay?

Have had 3 pregnancies, one a miscarriage, and NEVER experienced this.

Please send positive vibes my way! It’s needed.

Don’t have insurance so I came into the ER. Hope to be able to update you soon.


Pregnancy was confirmed by both blood and urine tests. They did an ultrasound but said it’s still too early to see the baby. 4w6d. My HCG Level is above 500 right now and I need to test tomorrow to make sure it has doubled.

The pain is being caused by a large ovarian cyst on my RIGHT side. The reason the left is hurting is because it is putting pressure to that side. They said not ectopic from what they can see, that was their biggest concern.

I am staying hopeful, staying positive.. the doctors and all nurses congratulated me multiple times. But I’m still nervous of course. I would love to hear your stories, if anything similar, and what happened with you ladies. I’m going google crazy!