Iud bleeding


Hello! This may be a dumb question but hear me out.

I’m educated on iuds and all that good stuff involving my reproductive system, but I’m somewhat new to having my own iud.

I got my iud in February, its been amazing! I love it and it’s now my favorite addition. But I do have a question. My boyfriend and I have sex like crazy, I know it’s a really good birth control method and I’m not worried about that at all. But after we have sex I bleed, is this normal or is my body still just getting used to it? I’m really not worried at all I was just wondering about it tbh. My boyfriend and I only have unprotected sex, in which he usually finishes in me. It seems like its only when he finishes in me that I bleed afterwards; I could be wrong though. I’m just curious if any body else has had this? Thank you for reading!